Last Shadow


Exuasting life and now slumber

Wallow in dreams of wonder

tiredness in a quiet room

until the impending doom

The final minute to none

Fear that is to come

Darkness, Reincarnation, Judgement?

All equal for a moment

With Darkness comes peaceful silence

Unlike the two comes ambience

Reincarnation to live a new

Unlike the lifeless two

Judgment at chance to dwell

Heaven or everlasting Hell

Thus the final breath eyes close

Go the path you chose

Farwell to those around

Your soul and body unbound

Thereafter life rests

In Peace After Death

  • Author: Last Shadow (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 27th, 2022 19:05
  • Category: Gothic
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  • Hoolihooli

    This is a very cool poem I love the word choices 🙂

  • L. B. Mek

    maybe, I hope so.,
    but that sceptic in me, wonders
    if death is peace or slumber
    then why is dying
    full, of traumatic pain and hurt
    for the dying and those
    witnessing, their beloved's
    last moments..
    I would be more willing to believe
    such an ideal
    if we all just died in our sleep
    when the time came
    transfer from one slumber to another..
    (appreciate your clear and constructive
    writing on a topic
    most people ignore, till its too late..
    I think it far healthier
    to ponder about it, than
    sit in fear, of something
    so inevitable..)
    thanks for sharing!

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