Buckle up if you want to step in.
MD-32 for the chaos and fun that lies within.
But of course, that’s what the professors say.
Come rejoice with us and spend a day!

Of course, it's noisy and gruesome here.
Laughs and insults, we all share.
We even make cross teachers show their teeth.
And make them put their swords in their sheath.

The class has its own stars.
With their company, you won’t be able to hold them behind bars.
Some are brown and some are white.
But I wonder, aren’t stars supposed to shine at night?

Let’s start with Alan, who has the loveliest smile of all.
Although, he silently complains about not being tall.
But that doesn’t matter, for he scores the best by bounds and heaps.
With facial hair to match, and a good heart he keeps.

Then comes Hammerson, the dictator of English.
Although, his orientation’s not everyone’s dish.
And if you hear a shriek in the class.
That’s him! The freak with his buddies to harass.

Studying Physics isn’t much when it comes to Boris.
But be warned, he has utter confusion, totally enormous.
Changing the laws for the professor to cry.
Altering the universe for poor Newton to shy.

“Oh Fallon, my love!”, one professor says.
Exchanging looks, for him the professor’s heart lays.
Getting along like an ever-lasting pair.
You want to be the third wheel? Oh, ho! I dare!

Let’s move on to Adrian, the white snowflake.
With him beside you, chips are the thing that you can take.
Yup, that’s our “Wavy”, but don’t be fooled by his naïve face.
For he can excel you and fill you with disgrace.

We don’t play hide and seek here. But, if you do.
We’ve got Hunter's thick beard ready just for you.
Though, we love to call him “Soofy” as that’s what he is.
But never talk about politics, that gig is only his.

Have you ever seen a boulder?
Meet Mason, the heavyweight championship holder.
His gait can wreak the Earth’s crust to tremble.
But don’t be under him unless you want to crumble.

Henry is the fellow who once had long hair.
Not until when the professors gave him a long stare.
Came a new face, a new stranger with his look.
The infamous “Hoffman”, who’s always in his poetry book.

We always respect our seniors, don’t we?
Sits Usher, the “Baawa” we call right next to me.
Repeating his books and coarse to improve.
To ace the best grades for the BOARD to approve.

Need a tip about shaving? Madison's your guy.
We share some interests that we blabber about. He and I.
A pal like no other who can match to no one.
Sticks to Alan like glue, hiding their secret fun.

Every day comes a chap with a pristine moustache.
For your information, he’s also a Hoffman who adores cash.
Hayden is his name, the jokester that anyone can befriend.
Never ask him for money, as that’s not what Hoffmans lend.

Of course! Every group needs someone who can lead.
Well, not for Isaac as he has destroyed a leader’s creed.
He can take your attendance, it doesn’t matter if you’re far.
With the class to amuse and shout “C.R! C.R!”

Let’s not forget about our professors as.
They are the driving force that our class has.
Making us something that we will be someday.
Bringing out the fools in us in front of the class for display.

We all have had our ups and downs.
We have everything, from intellect geniuses to silly clowns.
Never missing out a chance to amuse.
Escaping from our professors’ wrath with the best excuse.

And so, that’s our class, the one and only.
A seat that you’ll occupy, you won’t be lonely.
With our fellowship forever accompanying you.
With you joining the infamous MD-32.

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