Hello dear stutter

I hope you’re keeping well

It was a wonderful day today,

Thanks to you falling  sick, oh so sad.


Without your presence, my shoulders felt light

Right from dusk until the dim night.

I felt confident today

Thanks to you my demon, you stayed away


I didn’t have to wear my mask,

Nor cover my face while talking.

Why do you ask?

Because otherwise it looks like I bark!


I hate it when people interrupt my conversations,

Or complete my sentence without hesitation .

I know that they’re trying to be polite,

But in reality I get annoyed ,thats right !



I hate calling humans and making phone calls,

Coz I feel like a toddler learning to

speak, oh so small.

I go speechless most of the time,

When someone jumps in front of my face, just to say hi!

It’s not like I’m the master of my words

It’s my brain,

So dear stutter

Why do you always interfere and put me to shame..



Having you in my life has turned me into an ugly mess,

Do u know how much I love  to participate in solo talks and debates?

But with you , I sound like a dying poor cow suffering in pain.


Do you know that I like to socialise and make many friends?

But the moment I initiate a conversation, you butt in and it all goes down the drain.


Do you know Mr stutter monster ,

How difficult it is to recite a tongue twister!

Do you know how much I like to answer in class?

I always say it in mind, before I answer .


I feel anxious

I feel conscious

When you  surrounded me with blankness



You’d actually be nice and kind,

If you allowed me to say what’s on my mind.

Having you in my life has make me an introvert

When I really am an ambivert!



But when I’m with myself,

And that’s the only time,

You seem to be far far away..

Without  stuttering , I convey what I wish  to say.

Do you know?

I can sing without stammering,

Isn’t that mind boggling!



Then why must you interrupt when I’m with other people?

Is it because you’re jealous ?

Or is it because you can’t leave me alone, do you think I’m that precious  ?


Honestly sometimes I don’t even care,

If you’re absent or even there.

I’ve got lots of stuff to do

So why bother if I have you?

We can’t be perfect ..

We’re just perfectly imperfect !


So even if ..

You’re my biggest insecurity

I will lock you up and set my tongue free.


So start fresh, go get a makeover 

You need to turnover .

It makes me feel better,

when we’re not together .

Disappear among the clouds!

And I will scream out loud,

Krissy you’re finally free,

Out of Mr stutter’s captivity !

  • Author: Harmony writer (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 29th, 2022 03:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: We all have insecurities don’t we? Well Turn that insecurity into a positivity
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  • orchidee

    You'll near me sing - then you'll scream out loud. No stutter, but the singing's appalling! lol.

    • ChrisLyn🕊

      It is surprising that I can sing songs without stuttering even a bit .. I don’t stutter when I scream too.. lol

    • Saxon Crow

      This is brilliant Krissy. My step sister has had a stutter all her life. It comes out a lot more strongly to when she feels stressed.

      • ChrisLyn🕊

        It happens to me too. When I’m nervous and anxious , it gets worse . But when I’m surrounded by family and the people I’m comfortable with, I stutter less. It all depends on how I think

      • L. B. Mek

        until I watched the film
        'the king's speech'
        I never truly comprehended
        how all-consuming
        and debilitating, such an obstacle
        can become, in peoples lives..
        it really has a psychological
        element, that far exceeds
        the physical limitations..
        someone with the highest IQ
        can be made to feel, so inept
        a hard condition to live with..
        and yet, here
        you've made it your, B'tch!
        'More power to you!'
        Stay strong! dear Poet
        thanks for sharing

        • ChrisLyn🕊

          I’m so happy that you understood how it feels.Because many think that it’s nothing just because they cannot see it physically. But only those who go through it know how mentally challenging it is . Thanks for reading mek ✨😊

        • Distant View

          I can fully relate to this poem, as I am a sufferer as a stutterer too! Yes, people (including some family members!) complete my sentences for me, when I hesitate (most annoying, but they are only trying to help). I play guitar and sing, with never a stutter in sight! But a stutter can be socially debilitating to some degree. We just have to learn to live with it, and know that our real friends don't care whether we stutter or not. A brave write! I congratulate you!

          • ChrisLyn🕊

            What you said is entirely true for me , we need to live with it .
            Thanks for reading and appreciating distant view

          • blue orchid

            I love this, I used to have a horrible stutter, and there's an old country singer, Mel Tillis, he stuttered really bad when he talked but sang perfectly and the poet walt Whitman,used to stutter but overcame it by reciting poetry out loud, and the best of all, Moses, He had a stuttering problem, did you know that, when I found that out, I didn't care anymore if I stuttered or not, and no longer got nervous when I talked and gradually got more confident and stutter is gone now, I struggled with it for 35 years

            • ChrisLyn🕊

              Thanks for sharing this blue orchid .. the less we care about it , the better it for us. Because steve Harvey once said that only when we are conscious that we are going to stutter , we stutter . Thanks for reading ✨

              • blue orchid

                Exactly right, I love Steve Harvey, he is so right

              • Accidental Poet

                As Distant View said, "our real friends don't care whether we stutter or not". And here at MPS you're among real friends. blue orchid said "there's an old country singer, Mel Tillis, he stuttered really bad". I remember seeing him talking and stuttering, then he hit the back of his head as if to knock his words out of his mouth. Laughed hysterically. And a co-worker of mine stutters a lot. But we just let him take his time and he's fine. Great write ChrisLyn. 😉

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