What’s this funny feeling

inside me?

The feeling of happiness, sadness

joy and grief.

I hate you, I love you

It’s confusing!

I wanna leave you

yet I wanna be with you.


I try to forget the past and 

The glorious days we spent together.

But somewhere through the day,

I travel back in time, I recall, I remember.

The more I try to understand,

The harder it gets.

Just like studying pharmacology,

It means nothing when I say sorry.


Lifeless words..

The same old love.

Shouldn’t we just give up,

Well, I wish you the best of luck !


  • Accidental Poet

    Life is like a puzzle ChrisLyn. Hope you find all your puzzle pieces. 😉

    • ChrisLyn🕊

      Indeed like a big question mark . Thanks for reading poet

    • Paul Bell

      Ying and Yang, always together, apart and no one knows why. Maybe that's life in a beat.

      • ChrisLyn🕊

        Rightly said Paul. Thanks for reading 😊

      • EmotionsOnwhitepaper

        This poem represented my thoughts so clearly. 😢🔥🔥🔥

        • ChrisLyn🕊

          Relatable and true .. I’m glad I found someone who thinks the same

        • blue orchid

          Sounds like the mystery of life, everything has upsides and down,but sometimes the downsides are actually blessings in disguise,
          Like my husband and I both went through bad breakups with our exes, and we didn't feel like we would ever get over them,but when we met here on MPS,our whole lives changed, for the better, so,our heartbreak turned into our happiness

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