Natalia B. Odair

We’ve been together for all of our lives

Sharing laughs, secret smiles, and sunset-streaked skies

Your smile is like a mark of my home

You draw me back from wherever I roam. 


I never thought we’d ever grow apart

But 6th grade was like a knife in my heart

Suddenly we texted each other, like, never

What ever happened to our forever? 


I silently bled because you weren’t there 

I bottled it up, held in my despair

Wishes on dandelions wouldn’t get us together

I once thought that we were forever


Seventh grade came, and we were close again

We worked for a victory, it was a huge win

Texting every day, back to before

I didn’t feel alone anymore


Eighth grade now and we’re closer than ever

Knit in a bond, we’re back to forever

Not even awkward when I confess

That I’ve had a crush on you through all of this mess


Now we’re teasing and texting late into the night,

We’ve never really had a fight. 

You’re there for me when I’m at my worst

You numb the pain and you calm the hurt. 


We’re better and stronger than ever before

I love you, you love me, and even more

If we’re just friends, who cares at all?

But do you like me back? Also, suddenly, holy wow, YOU’RE TALL


Our bond is forever

Through thick and through thin

Til we’re old and weary 

And still even then


I’m with you til the end of the line

When the clock’s done ticking and we’re out of time

And I never again want to be apart

We got back our forever and you’re a piece of my heart.

  • Author: Nat B. ✌️❤️ (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2022 10:47
  • Category: Friendship
  • Views: 21
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  • Paul Bell

    That lad sounds like a stayer.

    • Natalia B. Odair

      Yeah, but then he got a girlfriend and literally ditched my life. We talked for the first time in four months yesterday. If you go to the fusion poem I'm participating in, "forgeting about love," I'm the "he stabbed my back" stanza. It's a big battle I'm working through right now.
      But before that, he was great, and no matter how much he's hurt me (unknowingly, I think?), I still love him. I can't stop loving him, and it's be a lie to say I have.

      • Paul Bell

        Tough one, but you're in love with a memory, draw a line and get back on the horse, and I bet the next guy wipes the memory into oblivion.

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