Lost In Souls

Paul Bell

She fucks him
He’s fucking somebody else
They come together
Just different worlds apart

She stalks his dreams
He’s lost in her soul
Together apart
Apart together

She scratches her name deep inside him
He penetrates her mind
Just different worlds apart

She bares all
He caresses deep inside
But not deep enough
Not right into her soul

She screams injustice
He pulls away
Naked and pleading
Just different worlds apart

She dresses for the final time
He walks away
She goes back to him
They come together.


  • L. B. Mek

    (and not a mention
    of that, divine
    spotlighted, G spot
    what a feat..
    its funny, to me
    how most couples
    can't communicate, verbally
    but think
    their love making
    is so eloquent
    in reality, they'll get those same
    sensationalised, sensual sensations
    from their carpet burn, escapades..
    begins, with words
    and ends
    with pathetic wrestling scenes
    beneath the sheets...)
    as-ever, just a great write
    on so many levels
    thank you, dear Poet
    (your wordsmith, talent
    could make suicide notes
    read like, love poems...
    keep that mighty Pen
    ever-striving, my friend

  • Paul Bell

    I suppose if you've got to go, a love poem suicide is the way to go.

  • Rozina

    Men are from Mars Women are from Venus?

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