Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

pink lives , she sings on a dress
dances in the petals of a rose
lives lightly on many a lipstick
this colour , this soft smiling hue is gentleness stirring
a cotton cloud standing
caring compassion and kindness
love in a hug
pink softly stands in many a place and she smiles

pink lives within the petals of her heart
like an ever expanding rose it expands
pink lives within the nail polish she bares
reflecting the love within her expression

Pink lives , within her dreams
she carried on her sleeves;
With roses in pink
Under the shades of cherry blossoms
She awaited her lover
In floral pink dress….

Pink captures the light of spring
in glorious cascade
broadcasting the joy of rebirth
across the meadow of trees
enlivening the smile of my heart
into the eyes of joy
to be so alive on gods earth

Pink lives in a colour blind
Half life
Pink swims within her heart
Pink let's all dreams become her
Pink shines bright in the dark

It was the strawberry robe she wore,
Waiting on someone inside her barrow.
The shade of gloss she had on her cheek;
The blossoming candor as I said hello.
A longing she felt, dancing in that hall,
Standing, waiting; Most lustrous of all.
Around the edges, too rough for some,
But to me, she's a fragile lotus
With petals soft like bubblegum.


  • dusk arising

    upon the hour of a bell struck once
    the shadey gown appeared
    afloat on a mist where sin concealed
    lusts brazen intent to win
    soft seducing oiled with pleasure
    oe'r a scent of compelled desire
    the colour of love ever draws me close
    to the lure of pink within

  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Thankyou , all of you .. for adding a verse ) I love this 🙂 great lines from all of you

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  • AuburnScribbler

    A vibrant colour, that is deserving of a fusion poem Violet, so bravo to you, and to all of those who took part.

    Sorry I was late, I have been busy with moving house, but like dusk arising, I shall put my entry below.

    Bravo again, and I hope that all is well!

    When the sun shines, on my ginger crown,
    my skin does pinken, my body frowns,
    yet my mind continues it’s want to play,
    as the hue of me, is pink like clay,
    I start to wince, and the crowd may laugh,
    at my choice, to go down this pink path,
    so, let my ease, also be as pink as my pain,
    give to me calamine, to hide my shame,
    but, when I return, from my pink pain session,
    would I have learned, from my pink pain lesson?

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