Yesterday is the tomorrow of Today

Saxon Crow

My brain hurts which doesn't take much
Just a thought that I can't unthink
If yesterday is today and tomorrow
Never comes
Then today must be yesterday?!

Maybe it’s clairvoyance
To know tomorrow today
Even these words I now penned
Spoke to me just yesterday
Future memories
I’m inclined to borrow
When my inner voice speaks
This side of tomorrow

Our tomorrow becomes
the day after
our yesterdays
pay their rewards

Yesterday is the tomorrow of today
oh how those lines confuse my tired mind
three words , not sure what to think
three days , one silently or loudly behind us
like a quite cloud or a fun Dance
another day ahead of us in front of us
not yet to know and experience the day
waiting for tomorrow
thinking of the future
mind away from the present day
where I can’t stay in a mindful moment

Yesterday may become tomorrow of today,
at least, from a perspective of day before yesterday
and history may repeat itself, unless we learn from it anyway.
Life will continue to repeat itself in a circular way,
once we’re about to complete this archway,
yesterday may become tomorrow of today.
Like the earth was completely natural before its decay
and we polluted it to its destruction to our own dismay.
we want it again to be in its beautiful display.
we want be young again happy, blissful and gay,
to be free of time’s constrain we want us outplay,
so, we do wish yesterday to be tomorrow of today.

Yesterday, is the thoughts I wished to write
To write for tomorrow
Ended up writing, what it ended up as past
Searching for tomorrow
I lost today
Ending as yesterday, meant to be today

Well we can’t change anything about yesterday
Nor can we foresee tomorrow
Might as well just live in the present
Each day teaches us a new lesson!
So pay attention .
Am I right ? :)

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  • AuburnScribbler

    A great idea for a fusion poem Saxon Crow, and bravo to all those who took part.

    I'm sorry that I missed out, but I have been busy with moving house, but I shall put what would have been my entry below.

    Bravo again, and I hope that all is well!

    Hindsight is a beautiful pain,
    for it taunts us, to refrain,
    learning from yesterday’s errs,
    as the motor of today whirrs,
    but natural humility could override,
    for yesterday’s deed, could be today’s pride,
    thus, in heart, we call ourselves correct,
    but in general improvement, we do neglect,
    our acts, should not be brandished weapons,
    as very soon, we could learn our lasts lessons,
    so, for now, let’s both learn and play,
    to harness yesterday, to seize today.

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