Our Daily Bread Community Food Pantry

The spouse betook monthly outing

today May 4th, 2022

to 3938B Ridge Pike,

Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426.


No more bare cupboards,
fridge, and deep freezer
since returning with more than
our share of daily bread,
plus other sundry provisions
referring to this mister, who
frightfully squawks like an old geezer,

ruler of roost,
plus the missus – ole hen pecker
nevertheless, neither of us

ain't no spring chicken

being locked within crosshairs
constituting elderly stage,

she doth dread
feeling like a charity case

swallows her pride,

cuz ample carload for us,
alleviating this bum searching
for crumbs to tweezer,
thus raw bits of powdermilk biscuits,
I need not scavenge, scrape, scrounge...
substantial commestibles

allows poet taster to breathe easy
inadequately satiates the missus,
(whose Godzilla appetite) defies
(cole) laws of nature to beef fed

predominantly healthy food,
that weighted our automobile like a led
zeppelin choking, intermittently
kickstarting, sputtering... along,
asper in (faux wheel) drive wheezer

putting utmost pressure
borne by taxing groovy tire tread.

Once mission (not so impossible,
but blessed relief) complete, I did aim

upon returning where we live
to acknowledge gratitude and claim

salvation for charitable deeds,
yours truly doth exclaim,
these volunteers, none I know by name,
nonetheless, a hearty poetic L'Chaim
afforded folks, who commandeer,
confidently coordinate quite efficient process

despite minor lament regarding
heavy toll stressing bulwark
quaking chassis, ripsnorting driveshaft,
shimmying entire automobile frame...,
hence no matter
our exhausted 2009 Hyundai Sonata
puttered along somewhat lame,
kudos to dedicated good samaritans,
worth their weight in gold to tame
hungrily growling, noisily rumbling tummies.


Healthy choices allow, enabled,
and provided us to secure provender

eases glum countenance of this clown

gratuity finds me bowing down
paying metrical obeisance
versus depleting meager monies
engendering botox frown
nipping in bud
forestalling need going
to preferred market such as

Aldi, LIDL, Redner's, Target
or Trader Joe's grocery shopping
to the nearest town.

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