shamrocker ☘️❤️☘️

Right There

              Keep it right there. She doesn’t want him to stop. Their bodies intertwined, she loves when he’s on top.   Keep it right there. Move in slow motion. He loves the feeling of his submissive’s ocean. Keep it right there. He’s making her hot. His tongue in circular motion; fingers on the g spot. Keep it right there. She wants his hand around her neck. She wants to feel the intensity of her Dom’s magic stick. He enters her slowly from behind. She lets out a moan. She’s losing her mind. On all fours he loves to watch her bounce. She begs him to go harder. God he loves that sound. The harder he goes the more it shakes. God he’s in love with her booty; it’s like an earthquake. Keep it right there. That’s all she asks. Just a little deeper; so we can climax.

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