A moment to cherish

Once I tried to imagine a person,
that could be better than you.
The wasteful effort of this vain attempt
just got me thinking more about you.


Though it's a dreaded cold winter 
with winds unfavourable to me.
It won't remain this way forever,
a spring sunrise, I hope to see.


Cold winds are sweeping clouds
across the deep blue winter sky. 
I wait for the ice to thaw
and the weather to be warm and dry.


I won't ever be angry 
and I won't ever be sad.
I will seek adventures 
and I will be more glad.


Who knew for a moment of joy, 
a lifetime would perish.
Every moment of missing you
is a moment to cherish.


  • L. B. Mek

    personally, I don't believe
    in absolutism, dear Poet..
    I heed the wise words
    taken from a 'Hollywood' movie
    profiteering, by stealing and warping
    the culture of a proud Nation:
    from, 'The Last Samurai'
    Katsumoto: ''You believe a Person* can change their* destiny?''
    Algren: ''I think a Person* does what *is possible*, until
    their destiny is revealed.''
    (as in, when I say my first
    fluttering 'hello'
    I don't assume, they wont be the beginning
    of my tears..
    nor, when I stutter my tearful goodbyes
    do I assume, a blink later
    we won't be back in each others arms
    or that this parting, may
    be a necessary, divergence
    in my life
    delivering me, eventually
    to much warmer, arms ..)
    anyway, forgive
    my laboured writing
    but you probably know
    what I'm trying to get at
    better than myself..
    thanks for sharing! such relatable words

  • adventuressmalik

    Thank you dear Poet. We are individuals because we are capable of thinking differently. I know perpetual and perennial philosophy, so I write that way.

    The pull off a soul which you may know from earlier life is stronger, if you feel that strong vibration.... may be you'd have a different perspective. And yes, I agree that practical world is different.

  • Cassia DeSousa

    Hello Max
    this is lovely positive spin on mourning a love that is gone,
    great job! tchau...Cassia

  • adventuressmalik

    Thank you!

  • cherm

    I like it. A lot.

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