Dear ex best friend


I don’t remember when we met, but I sure as hell remember when you left.

No explanation.

Just like the rest.

You always promised you’d never hurt me like they did. But here we are.

Do you remember when we talked about getting matching tattoos? We were going to get those little purple Polly pocket swimsuits. Just so it would be our own little thing.

Do you remember when you came and picked me up after another guy broke my heart? You took me to the mall and made me smile more than I had in months.

Do you remember those long nights of staying up in my bed laughing our asses off? Hoping the night would never end.

Do you remember when I could call you at any time and you’d be there for me?

Do you remember when I called you at 1 am after my dad and I got into another fight and you let me come over and I just cried into your arms?

I hope you remember these things. I hope you remember the good.

Because now I’m crying about you in others arms. You left me the way you said you never would. You took half of me with you on your way out. Hopefully one day I’ll know why. But for now, I sit here staring at my ceiling wondering why I wasn’t good enough for you anymore.

What I did wrong.

What I did to deserve this.

Why I lost my person.

You were my person. Always and forever. Remember? Us against the world. Forever.

What happened to forever?

What happened.

What happened.

What happened.

What happened.

What’s happened to me. Me without you.

So I’ll sit here and wonder why I wasn’t worthy of your love anymore, while you spread the lies about me so you can’t face that you’ve lost me too.

  • Author: hapadalecki (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 12th, 2022 01:13
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is a poem about me losing my best friend of 15+ years. She left just the she always said she wouldn’t. I know this isn’t the most poem, poem I’ve written. But I had to get my feelings out. Hope y’all like it.
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  • Natalia B. Odair

    I have recently been through a similar thing. My boy best friend of 14 years-my whole life- ditched me as soon as he got his girlfriend. This poem put what I am feeling into words. Thank you for this.

    • hapadalecki

      You are so welcome. That’s always been my passion is to write about what others can relate to. I’m so sorry for you going through the same thing. It’s never easy. Stay strong hun.

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