shamrocker ☘️❤️☘️


               He’s had a long day. There’s only one thing that will make him better. His submissive and how with each touch of him she gets wetter. The things he does to her and how she goes insane. How he loves the sound of her saying his name. Tonight he wants to take her from behind; ah yes he loves this view. It drives him out of his mind. He loves how she rides him. How she feels on his skin. How pleased he is when he slips his finger in. He loves her a** bouncing, going round and round. Driving him crazy. He lets out a growl. As he flips her over she wraps him in with her thighs. He’ll start with a little teasing, by placing just the tip inside. This makes her beg for more. He places his hand on her breast. Looks deep into her eyes while the other is on her neck. She will climax for him on his command. “She belongs to him.” She’s his little vixen. 

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