That quiet girl

I've lost my smile

I remember the day I lost my smile

I looked for it for quite a while

I looked for it here and there 

but couldn't find it anywhere


I remember when I used to smile

How it came naturally, just a part of my style

Now I wonder, where has it gone?

And when did it all go so wrong?


Now I sit all alone

And I let out a distraught moan

of sadness and of dispair

I just can't find my smile anywhere



  • Rozina

    I like your poem. It is sad but it made me smile as I imagined looking for the smile in the fridge (I've forgottenly put my spectacles in the fridge ), under the sofa (lots of things drop under the sofa), and other places. I hope you find your smile again. Have a lovely weekend.

    • That quiet girl

      Thank you. I'm glad this made you smile. I'm constantly losing things too- maybe I'll look for my smile in the fridge next.

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