kitty the naughty poet

Butterfly's wings

neon rainbow sky... sensual blue eye
see through my tears tonight
as you flutter on by
on the back of butterfly's spine
blue as you witness tomorrow's whispers
written in the wind
carry my hopeful song with the breeze
on the back of butterfly's wings

psychedelic trip through lyrics
hypnotic you lull the pain
away you carry my tremors
on the back of butterfly’s wings
careful not to unravel
the nerves of my cocoon,
swirling with the images of me and you
riding on the back of butterfly’s wings.

Brushstrokes of happenstance
in affect
with each flutter of a wing;
mesmeric in aesthetic, delight
alluringly kaleidoscopic brightness
soothing, weary hearts
at a mere glimpse of its sublime
Nature's: irreplaceable
Butterfly of winged, magnificence!


  • Natalie Gladmir

    A crazy thing. It's impossible to comment.

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