I can't sleep

You ask me what's wrong and if I'm hurt

From your tone i can tell that you're concerned

Guess you've noticed the blood on my clothes

Since you asked for the truth here it goes;


Well, my head is a mess but I'm trying

Though I've wasted my strength to stop crying

Don't leave me this way, i can't sleep and the night is long

All my courage is gone and I'm tired

And you know i was never a fighter 

Don't leave me alone, i can't sleep and the night is long


Don't be fooled, I'm not sad, i am hopeless

There's a weight I can't lift on my shoulders

Wasn't made for this game but believe me i did my best

Wear a crown of despair cause I'm loosing

You call "dark" all the words that I'm using

But you still have it wrong, I'm just helpless, i wanna rest


I am sick, i can't think, i feel restless

Look away cause I'll get a bit reckless

Don't know what i might do, i can't sleep and tomorrow's far

I'm not going to ask you for favours

I'm so lost and I've run out of saviours

I'm not safe on my own, i can't sleep and tomorrow won't come


The truth is that i need you near

Though I'm torn by pride and fear

I guess i just need to know you'll be here

And when the sun has left our eyes

And we're stuck into the night

Please don't go away and stay by my side

Please don't leave me alone at night 

I can't sleep

I can't sleep


  • Christina8

    I feel you I didn't sleep last night either and it kinda makes you lose your mind. Great write!

    • sadkw33n

      Thank you very much! This is the first poem I've written and it's very encouraging to know that someone liked it 🙂

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