The weeping woman

When i was young i had a home i used to be a good man's child

I used to laugh i used to love i always smiled

And then i thought it's time for me to find my way and leave this town

But i forgot that i was weak and as i walked i lost my crown

My limbs grew heavy so i crawled and let my hands get filled with dirt

I draw my pain upon my skin and opened up to all the hurt

Then i wished with all my might that i would never see the light 

So i was nothing but a fool who slept in day and cried at night

And then a woman came to me and sat outside my locked up door

I heard her mourn beneath the moon as i was laying on the floor

She came with holy hands that save but my desire was sad and dark

"My tears" i thought "to me are sweet, my pain has such a caring hug" 

I told her "i don't wanna leave for this dark corner is my friend" 

In charming tune i heard her weep and knock again

She cried outside my heavy door with devine beauty in her voice

And as she whispered "let me in" my stare was raised my soul rejoiced 

I felt her soft hand on the door as she was knocking in despair

"My child" she said "you're not alone" and wrapped my heart with words of care

I carved a way out for my thoughts and tried to keep my tongue at bay

I cried to her "the world is cruel i cannot stay" 

My sorrow filled me to the brim my skin was pouring crimson red

But even so she didn't leave and her sad tune put me to bed

The sun came up and went back down and stars took over on the sky 

And she shed tears on my behalf, carried my burden for a while

Who is this woman on my door who kindly weeps for my demise?

Perhaps a mother with a loss, i think i hear a mother's cries

Until today i hear her knock behind my door before my sin

She still awaits with teary eyes the day that i might let her in

She still awaits with teary eyes the day that I will let her in

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