Vaughn Walker

The Golden

For the noble ones.

To do what no one wants.

Use our words as weapons.

Leaving nothing unspoken.

And the open doors receding. 

Chasing nothing. 


We thought we knew.

Humble beginnings all but lost.

The dead man say they had a heart. 

Please pray.

Please pray.

Left nothing for the others.

A masquerade.

A masquerade.


Prayers to the men.

Atop their golden chairs.

Not giving strength. 

Prepare a seat. 

Make us full.

Tear and pull.


The drum it beats.

You must feel many things.

I will sing to you a dream.  

Try not to think and let it fade. 


Your insides betray.

Your heart still.

It's harder.

Harder still. 



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