Lifethreatening Mess

You hear these noises all around.

You hear these voices all around.

That's it, what's making your soul wound.

Peace and happiness in this world...

Is it too much to lay down your sword?

Only one thing is more mighty than fight,

With letters you form them just right.

So use them,

Speak them,

Fight them with your mouth,

Without causing screams and pain.

Isn't it enough only causing awful rain?

Cutting knives through heart and soul,

I wish it only was a metaphor...


Tearing apart a million innocent lifes.


Thousand faces,

Their screaming races.

Thousand scars,

They won't go in this war.

Pain without glory.

Why does the world has this worry?

Can't it be as beautiful as before?

Where everyone's happiness was near and no one was sore?

Now you see,

Faces, they want to flee,

From this world,

To a wonderland without a bad word.

Torn down body's,

Not only places,

Fear, is now apart of their faces...

Sinking as a sword through the heart,

Won't you understand why it is so hard?

Hard to live without war...

Is peace really this far?


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