M. Evermore


I sit down, on the seat next to me

My past self is staring out the window,

Music in her ears

I remember when I was that age,

Always dreaming

My most fervent wish was to fly

On great, hawk-like wings

And soar through the sky

My past self imagines this scene,

Of wind rushing through her wings

As she flips and dives and flies

She also has a book on her lap,

Open with folded pages throughout

I have always loved reading

My parents bicker in the front,

Their hands intertwined

My sister is watching a movie

And my past self is watching the sky

I watch myself for a moment or two,

Embracing this peaceful moment

In which nothing is the matter

Before I look towards where He awaits,

Dark hood hiding his face

I am ready, I tell him, I have said my goodbyes

Death takes my hand and I look behind

For one last glimpse of this perfect moment,

This perfect family,

The perfect life

And I say goodbye

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