blank heart


Oh! The rosy day
When the heart was ripe and red
We locked eyes and the world bloomed
at least that is what my eyes said
You were a miracle, you concealed my miserable fate
I disguised it as love for me
But you cooked me fresh
And ate me to the bones next day

And if it was love true
Then I wouldn't have simply ignored
The signs that showed early
The distant storm that was brewing
But you were everything I wanted
And I couldn't turn away
Intoxicated with who I thought you were
Now I'm capsized on a tiny boat
Hoping not to drown

the wind blows stronger than I can stand
the gloomy skies the desert sand
the nails are ripped along with the wood
destroying my foundation taking the good
taking my home of which I belong
when all is lost there is still the birds song

And as I listen to the sound
there may be hope somewhere around
cause standing here is getting old
and I try to remember what I've been told
keep going on, come rain or shine
to end up somewhere I can call mine

but I'm growing weary
and getting tired
but in my eyes, there remains a fire
I start to remember to stand my ground
you blow me away with the wind
I don't know what love is anymore
because I stand here, broken
and I'm choking up on the words and promises
that you gave me and the love that was meant to mine
but you resigned from your position as my one and only
so now the wind is pulling me in different directions
and well I just hope I learn my lesson
or that you see the bright neon sign I'm
holding up that says "I love you"
I hope you get the message


  • languale

    Such a beautiful use of language! I really enjoyed reading your poem.
    Maybe you want to check on mine too? I'd be happy if you leave a comment. I'ts always exiting to know what other people like about your work. 🙂

  • a thousand wishes

    I wrote the last part 🙂 Thanks everyone for writing such beautiful words, I loved what you guys' wrote

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