Twisted Lies

Can you whisper in my ear?

Tell me what I want to hear

Feed me all your twisted lies

Watch me fall to my demise 

Make my mind O so weak 

As I listen to you speak

Leave me falling very deep 

Can’t get out, so hard to breathe

Why’d I listen to you speak?



  • L. B. Mek

    (it's not the lies, that hurt
    the most
    often, it's the fact that
    spewing the lies, know exactly
    how to word them
    and what parts of ourselves
    to target, for our unsuspecting
    gullible, trust
    to fall
    for their insidious, intentions;
    their lies, only have the capability
    to effect us, because
    we let down our guards, and that
    makes us feel
    partly responsible, which hurts
    than it should..)
    forgive my opinionated, tangent
    I found your wording to be immensely relatable
    and your writing's pacing, so enticing..
    thanks for sharing

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