Move through me

Ghosts walk through walls

You are a ghost in this house

Torn apart from actions that control you

Who are you

Who are they

Do you see what they see

All you see is skin and pleasure

All you hear is groans and grunts

Do you feel the pain

The hurt

The eyes

You thrust and groan and grunt

The videos that never end

Pick your poison

Black, white, Asian

Girls like girls too

Can you feel my pain

Can you feel my hurt

You grunt and groan

We are all watching

We are all here

You are a ghost



  • L. B. Mek

    (firstly, please forgive me
    for the opinionated and self-indulgent
    tirade of words below..
    Please feel free to ignore them
    I'm sure, you've consulted
    all the professional help, you need..
    Secondly, I thank you!
    for this brave and depthful
    of a modern problem, few
    are willing to accept
    as being a genuine pandemic, issue
    in modernity)..
    I believe some of us, are more susceptible to addiction
    in any of its forms and for any of its vices
    one addiction, isn't necessarily
    an easier fix than the other
    and Porn, like all outlets
    is a murky, merging
    of the despicable and the pleasurable
    that's why, in all things
    'Temperance' is key..
    the Kama sutra, could be categorised as porn
    but it's also a cultural treasure
    and if approached
    with an open mind, it can
    embolden and enrich the sensual
    desires of a couple..
    we should begin
    with 'sex, is not a sin'
    its a physical expression/gratification
    of emotionally anchored needs and wants
    so, this porn addiction
    is often, a symptom
    of an emotional, disconnect
    someone is denying the existence of
    and until, that is fixed
    the addiction will remain, a harmful element in that individuals life..
    I recommend, trying to engage the person
    in long, often exhaustive conversations
    where the importance, is their willingness
    and comfort level, in sharing aspects of themselves
    they find, awkward or hard
    to introduce themselves
    so a little guidance may be necessary..
    often there's a thread that leads to a traumatic or at least
    a major experience
    where the individual feels, inept
    or helpless to thwart, an aspect
    in their make-up, whether
    physical or mental
    and so
    they've convinced themselves
    of a need
    to lose themselves
    to infatuations, as a coping methodologies
    the minute
    those nucleus sources
    of self-control, destabilising
    factors, can be identified
    the sooner, a solution can be arrived upon
    'in my humble opinion'
    the problem is much more
    than the images on screens..
    (stay strong!
    I hope you and your partner
    can get through this
    and become a stronger couple
    for having done-so, or
    if not
    I hope you yourself
    find the better, you deserve!)

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