Sofia Mease

Deadman Walking

There was no problem in the beginning

He was fine,

Until that night

And it brought his night a living nightmare.

All because of one bottle,

A car, and a driver

Changed his life forever

That night he ended the life of a happy family

A son, a daughter,

A mother and a father

Enjoying their night from golfing

All of a sudden, the mother and father

Felt a slam of depression engulf them

Once they realized their son and daughter

Had passed away from the accident.

Tears filled their eyes

Miserable was their only mood

Since their children died

To a driver who was too drunk to understand

What he just went through

It’s not rocket science

To understand what was done

Although, little did he realize

He would pay the price for what he has done.

100 years to life in prison

That day he entered a cell full of sorrow

No remorse, no mercy,

No happiness.

He left his soul at the prison cell door

He wasn’t a person anymore

He was a depressed man

Trapped in a prison cell

All because of one decision

That changed his life forever.


  • L. B. Mek

    a memorable, character study
    as a didactive read
    better than any, don't drink and drive advert
    I've ever come across..
    thanks for sharing
    (and as this is more than likely based on a real story
    my heart aches for those dealing with losses
    of the family
    and of the individual, who
    such an easily avoidable, crime)
    our vehicles
    are literally:
    'weapons of mass destruction'
    this is a fact, we all need to learn
    I, had to learn the hard way
    but I'm grateful, I did learn
    however belatedly..

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