this is not a drill


The time has come, the blood must spill
I must repeat this is not a drill
the child cries and won't stop until
the guilty and the innocent has been killed
they body up the bags for the body shall not rot
but when their face is covered their sacrifice is forgot
I won't tell anybody nor do I intend to stop
so as I sang a BANG BANG BANG that's when the body's drop
as I hover on your doorstep ringing the doorbell
I can hear the demons calling out from their burning pits in a hell
but don't be scared just be prepared there's a place for you as well
even though I've dammed your soul you probably shouldn't tell

Cause there's a debt to pay and I'm here to collect
there's a villain in this story, and I've left him wrecked
A predator, hunting down his prey but be that as it may
I won't let him stay he can't survive, hell is calling his name, the devils' arrived

There is nowhere to go
We have locked all your doors
Now you must come here in hell
To reap what you sow
A special place is reserved for you here
My snakes snarl; their fangs are vicious
Death black crows are impatient guests for feast
They hope your rotten flesh is delicious

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