Dirty Window

One day we are going to forget how to wake up

My brain will cease to picture your face 


The image of you 

Will be lost behind a dirty window 


I lose myself in the 

Ripples of water 

Caressing the surface  


My face distorted 

Interrupted by 

Tiny waves embracing each other


I sometimes wish 

I could forget how to wake up


My mind could erase the 

Memorized lines of code

Stimulating my functions 


So i could stop 



The way a rusted clock





Stop being endlessly okay 

I feel depression 

Is a comforting blanket of gray 


We feel its better

To be sad 


Than to be nothing at all

We’ve embraced the 

Gray blanketing us 


Because at least 

Its something 

- Kayleen Thurow 

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