"I love you", he shouts along with the rumbling dark sky,

"you don't know me," says she with a pleasant faint smell of Petrichor making its way around,

"not like I have to," says he along with the sound of the first drizzle of the summer rain,

"oh, you wish you did," says she with a knife in her hand,



drip, drip, drip, echoes with the sound of the rain,

three seconds felt like an hour, he whimpered and sobbed.

five seconds felt like a day, he groaned and begged,

moments passed by,

ten seconds and it's just the rain and them,

eleven seconds and a lightening,

twelve seconds and he clutches her hand carefully as though it was a two-edged knife, 

he places a kiss, as though it was to give away his remaining warmth.


He takes a deep breath while looking at her, as though his last wish was to drown in her beauty,

not so sharp, not so fair, not so smooth, not so shiny, not so flawless, she was bewitching, she was gorgeous, she was alluring and oh! was she beautiful. . .

But his eyes shut close, as though they were done with his foolishness,

his chest stops heaving as though they were done with his insanity.


He laid there like a doll, lifeless.

She was standing there with the knife in one hand and a limp hand in another, breathless.

She gave him a trembling smile, eyes filled with love to the brim, and with a strained voice, she says,

"I love you too,"


  • GON

    great first effort! welcome to the site and we hope to see more from you

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