All of My Wants

There's a lot of wants in the world,

And I can compile all of mine into a list,

Of all the things I wanted 

But never did,


All the fears are on there too,

The ones that dangle 

Above my nose,

And stare at me 


Wherever I go,

The list starts off like this: 

I want to walk down the street 

Without pepper spray,


I want to wear light clothes, just for a day

Without burning eyes, burning hands,

Without someone trying to get down

My pants (or shorts, or a skirt)


Without wondering why it hurts,

I want to sneak out the window

Or explode like a dying star

Just to see if all my broken pieces go far


I want wishes on stars 

And danfodils

Flown off by the wind,

And that one wish on 11:11, or 11:10


I want snowflakes on my tongue

And a good night's sleep,

I want to survive in a horror movie

Without tripping over two left feet


Or my own,

I want to roll down hills 

Until I can't tell 

The sky and ground a part 


The wants and the shoulds 

Are a long long list 

Of everything I wanted

But nothing I did.





  • L. B. Mek

    powerful imagery, thanks for sharing

    • Merlin

      Thank you for the kind comment!!!

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