The Little Ones


The Little Ones


I hear their voices echo down the halls

I see their spirits out on the playground

They run their hands along the walls

But none of them can now be found


The were just innocents in this game

Who wonder why such evil would roam

Now the world knows their little name

Viciously taken away from their home


Today our hearts hurt for family at loss

We send prayers and hugs but it’s not enough

To make up for this heinous albatross

This evil that we must learn to rebuff


We come from different places and times

With different views and beliefs too

But surely we can all hate these crimes

And search for something we can do


But for today for these few moments here

We pause to remember little lives lost

To say a prayer, sigh and shed a tear

That these dear little ones paid the cost

  • Author: MDStone (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 25th, 2022 21:46
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Rozina

    Yes so heinous. So heartbreaking.

  • L. B. Mek

    Such morose tragedies
    breaks a part of me, every time
    and it's a part I can never get back
    can accept, that life
    is gonna Fck with us
    till it kills us;
    it is what it is, there's a cost
    to everything born of matter..
    I beg, can we Please, please
    just give our children a chance
    Fck each other up
    morning till night
    and call that, living
    I'll take that, square
    on the chin..
    but this callous, inhumane
    of that innate duty and loyalty
    to the children 'We' bring
    into the world
    must end!
    we've got to stop using them
    as bullets for our life's, guns
    of vengeance or redemption
    just let them, find their way
    give them a chance
    at experiencing, A life
    not warped, by our venomous
    words and fingers..
    the futility of it all, Just kills me..

    • MDStone

      Here Here, LB. Oh the carefree days of childhood. And then to have it stolen away…

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