a thousand wishes

I´m sick of gaps and things left to interpretation
Leaving me to have to succumb to confrontation
I'm sick and tired of being stuck in limbo,
I am endlessly looking for a way to let go or a way out

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help
You are not alone
I don’t know what I find more upsetting
My problems
Or the difficulty I’m having accessing the help I reached out for
Too many gaps in the system
Eight billion people on the planet
I expect much more wisdom

Instead of eight billion happy souls
there are eight billion gaps and holes
too much room, too many words left unsaid
too many rude words, too many good people
left for dead
19 kids, over 100,000 deaths a day
yet no one has a thing to say...

Take a moment to rest
and look around you
do you see peace and quiet?
Or do you see the world soaking in blue?
Close your eyes and for a moment's silence
for the bravest ones to give you life
They ate prickling words and swallowed bullets
Oh how big is their heart's size?

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