Love's Spell

Is love just a spell?

Casting illusions making

your heart swell.

Casting illusions to

cloud your sight.

Casting illusions to

your awareness.

Creating self imposed

wounds that time can't

even heal.

Creating wounds so

heavy that you stumble

on even ground.

Creating vision so

blurred that you

self sacrifice all.

I found a antidote

to the spell.

Thy love for self.


  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    ‘ thy love for self ‘ great writing destiny ..

  • JudyStella

    Self love a very important theme in the current generation❤️ Thanks for shedding light on this!

    • DestinysPerspectives

      Thank you! Self love is very important especially during these times. It's true what they say. If you can't love yourself then you can't love someone else or accept love from someone else.

      • JudyStella

        True indeed!

      • dusk arising

        Love is fulfillment in life i guess. Why so... because everything becomes amplified when you are sharing love. THe birdsong, the blueness of sky, the kiss of the ocean on flesh and the stinging pain of heartache too. Love is like turning up the volume on lifes amplifier to max.
        Great poem to make you think and reflect one your own experience.

        Self love, well without a healthy serving of self love your love for another will be undermined by self doubt (unworthiness) which may well lead to failure. It certainly did for me long ago.

        • DestinysPerspectives

          Thank you for sharing your personal perspective on love. It's interesting how we can easily claim love for another soul but not ourselves. Human minds are contradictory not able to see though the black and white smoke we are taught to believe in. It's why we find it difficult to love ourselves. It's why we are self critical. We can see through to the soul of someone else beyond black and white. But when it comes to ourselves we can't connect to our soul beyond the black and white. Even on a spiritual journey I personally still struggle to see myself only through the mind from it being so ingrained. But I am learning to love myself more everyday.

          • dusk arising

            Maybe falling in love and having that love fail is a part of the process of learning to love/value ones self. Though having said that I have met people who seem to love themselves, and no one else, in their young years.

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          • MendedFences27

            The attraction can be a spell, but true love is never one. You are most emphatically right about "love for self." It means you are complete, self- assured, and responsible. As such you can open your heart to others.
            A lovely poem full of wisdom and an optimistic outlook. Enjoyed it a lot. - Phil A.

            • DestinysPerspectives

              Thank you for your kind words! I love your personal perspective on love and I am glad you enjoyed reading the poem.

            • Accidental Poet

              The miracle cure of self love. Wonderful write Destiny. 😉

            • cherm

              Self-love is at times the absolute hardest. Well written.

              • DestinysPerspectives

                Thank you! I couldn't agree more. It's also the most valuable lesson to learn which is why it's the hardest. Once you master self love than the rest of life's lessons will be easy to learn.

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