I'm still looking

Where are you

Where have you gone

I've been looking for you

I've been trying to hear you voice

But i must be death because your voice isn't there anymore


In fact your voice seems to  have disappeared 

I can't see you 

The same questions keeps popping up in my head.

Have you left

Where have you gone

No one wants to talk about you anymore

If they do they get emotional 

I don't understand where have you gone

I just saw you

You couldn't have left so fast

Or could you 

I never see you anymore 

I never hear about you anymore 

Why won't you come and see me

Why can't you talk to me 

When i look for you you are nowhere to be seen 

Did someone take you away

Did someone hurt you 

I need answers where have you gone 

I need you to tell me because the last 6 years of looking as made me sad 

I'm starting to stop looking

I started looking for you in my heart 

And i found you 

You were there all along and i didnt even know  or did i not see you

I was looking in the wrong places but know that i found you

I want you to know that 

I love you and i'll never forget about you

  • Author: Nobody.notices (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 29th, 2022 08:53
  • Category: Letter
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