A Helium Ballon Can't Lift A Brick

It's not a good day
You feel all of this weight in your chest
This pain
The weight of depression
What's wrong with today?
Absolutely nothing
The sun is shining
Everyone is being nice
The house is clean
You have a loving family
So you ask yourself
There's so much to lift you up
So why are you down?
Depression is heavy
And you know what?
A helium balloon can't lift a brick
Even the happiest of days can't lift the weight of depression
It weighs you down
You can smile and try to hide it
But lifting that brick will wear you out
It's easier to just drop to the ground
To let the weight pull you down and to just give up
And you're strong if you can carry that brick through the day

  • Author: IamUnicorn (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 30th, 2022 16:51
  • Category: Sad
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  • GON

    no but about 140 can

  • L. B. Mek

    I like the honesty, in your lament
    but may I suggest
    that we don't wage wars, armed
    with a single bullet
    so why must we assume, we can
    depression, with a single option
    as our go-to, solution..?
    indeed, a single balloon can't lift
    a brick, but
    whoever said, we had to play fair?
    so arm yourself, with a dozen balloons
    like we all do
    have more than one, option
    to help ease that feeling
    of drowsy heaviness
    draping over you
    and making you feel, listless..
    have a go-to choice of several, feelgood
    or a sweet treat you save for such emergencies
    or a guilty pleasure, fantastically dramatic
    tv show, or steamy read
    or better yet, a place that makes you feel nature's
    soothing presence
    or a bar, with warm smiles to welcome you
    or that friend/kin, who knows
    just by the cadence of your sigh
    that you're going through a tough day
    and will try to lift your spirits..
    but here's the trick
    do All of this things, again n again
    simultaneously, if need be
    don't care about 'troubling people'
    or burdening them
    just do all that you can, to wage a battle
    with that looming, sinking feeling
    dogpaddle your way through its
    murky waters
    till you find, a firm surface
    to steady yourself upon..
    Fight, every time
    and each time, it will get easier
    I promise!
    do it for you and nobody else
    and make it up to everyone
    when you can smile, without
    stay Strong, dear Poet
    (please forgive me if my words
    come across as being toxic
    or demanding..
    I only meant to support and encourage)
    thanks for sharing

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