kitty the naughty poet

I made some voodoo dolls of me and you
but with the bones of our broken dreams
grounded them to dust before building them up piece by broken piece
sprinking the essence of forever
bone by precious bone
our skeletons chained to steam filled heart of exquisite fantasies

Thanks for invite
But I will say no more
I would digress - go off the theme
Make it sound very un-voodoo like!
I will only swoon - heehee.

Love is on the tip of my tongue
these voodoo dolls portray in such attractive light
This enhancement is for you and mean
this desire we cant fight
the lust between us fills the air
and I feel a good kind of scared
as I fall into you and this magic

call it voodoo, a hoodoo
love potion, magic connection
all I know
is that when you approached
and life, winked
chains arose, gripped my pulse
aligning it to your heart's beat
and like those African drums
we were caught, in a mesmeric
and as your skeleton, stepped
I shuffled
even now, you're far from near
and yet my thoughts, get pulled
by our knotted threads
of otherworldly fate...

I can feel your pain, from far away,
as I can see the stimulus,
with every pin, in this doll decays,
ensuring nothing is missed,
my third eye hears no apology,
meaning, you must deserve it,
so, let me twist the pricks of agony,
for dark bird song to exist,
but if our communication is blurred,
thus, I attack without provocation,
I give to you, the doll madam or sir,
for you to start my obliteration!


  • Blueledge

    Nice idea Kitty.

  • poetsknowit

    Our "sickness" of death, destruction, I live to breathe;
    my love for you is all too much.
    Squeeze me, bite me, slash me, drown me...do tear me apart!
    Pin them all on me, again, for that touch?
    Our passions of freedom for bondage of love; such irreversible throbbing; nothing comes near!
    Wild twists of agony formed in our creation,
    Foolish to provoke, you forget my tongue is a spear!
    We are intertwined forever, no endless cremation,
    Bloodied and cracked, our bones in the ashes
    I cannot live with out, you are my salvation.

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