Heedless Savagery



Do you see?


The chaos you’ve wrought? 

When stepping over the bloodied bodies,


Of innocent men, women, and children—


Do you grimace, and keep walking?

Or do you grin, and loot their corpses like the rest of your fellow soldiers?



You worthless mongrel.


We all know what you did. 


The orders you followed,

You did so with glee. 


Your army comes, seeking to “de-nazify” everything it touches. 

Your mission is built upon the lies of an old, decrepit, shell of a man with aimless ambitions.


Tell me, did you accomplish your mission?


In Kyiv?

In Mariupol?

In Bucha?


Hideous creatures wearing the skins of men.

You defile the free world because you are envious of what you do not have. 


You desecrate the bodies of the dead and the gone, plucking off earring after earring. 


You plunder family homes, stealing everything from washing machines to silverware. 


You take and you take, because there is nothing you can give. 


Your vile actions have earned the world’s ire. 



Your sins are bare for the entire world to see. 


Your life was forfeit the moment you crossed the border.

There is no place for you—


Whether it be Earth,


or Hell,


Nowhere will take you.


Like the countless innocents you’ve set alight,

You too, 


will burn.

  • Author: Ryan Modawell (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 7th, 2022 14:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: Long live, Free Ukraine. https://u24.gov.ua/
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 15

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