definition of –evil and good—the answer to this questions almost seems so far away that it rises beyond description, what is perceived evil, by us may serve as good for others, what is perceived good by our senses might seem to be the exact opposite to others, but whatever being the case, they both are etched deep in our souls and from there they manifest themselves along with their meaning but how do they manifest depends truly on their host, good and evil are two concept, contemporarily existing but at the same time lying far beyond the reach of our perception, we conceive a befitting image of both good and evil in our minds and are driven only by those conceptions, not knowing the complete verity, in this way it becomes quite satiable of a thing and therefore we no longer feel the need to discover what lies behind those conceptual walls, some may believe in philosophy and preach the same lines, throwing the same words around as if it’s the one and only answer, yet the conceptual wall might appear to be made of bricks and cement but in verity be a mere mud’s creation and therefore susceptible to rain, it might collapse, in the same way the conceptual house built on beliefs (bricks) might also break down in presence of rivaling truth, because truth in itself is quite inaccessible. these days, judgments in courts are passed on the basis of proof, they consider it to be absolute. But what I have seen is that, humans aren’t that easily accessed, what’s within us besides from body organs which are very much similar both in shape and sizes, our beliefs, our thinking, our very way of living and perceiving things, Is rather different, now the answer to this questions beats me to this day yet I am propelled to seek this elusive proof we have believed to be the ‘truth’. In the end, there is seen to be a conflict between these two words, having indifferent yet so contrasting meanings , but even so, good and evil are 2 things quite imaginable, if we possess the farsightedness of being sensible enough to discern things on our own it wouldn’t require any more pondering on it. If there was to be no conception of good and evil, the sense of direction and the very orientation by which we live our lives might have gone astray, even if we do imagine the truth of good and evil, it gives us a conscience as to think and consider our deeds and deem them as either good or evil so even if something seems to be beyond human comprehension it can always comply with our highly cognitive faculty of reasoning and thinking out things. Now, to pose my stand point upon what has become of both these words nowadays, is that there is a widespread of evil and attenuation of good, all around, this is something where I can’t beat around the bushes, in today’s life, we can’t even discern what ones intention might be behind all that extravagant kindness people often show. It has become rather hard to say that if one is being kind in reality and whether its mere work of pretense. Even so, to believe that humanity exists, to believe that eventuality will bring happiness rather than perpetuating sadness, to believe, not for ourselves but for the unfortunate souls around us, to believe that justice is still alive somewhere and to believe that there will exist a world free from all that filth it carries now and to believe and embrace that we might not be alive to see it but even so if we strive for it others sure will, to believe and establish that giving up does not provide any solace or comfort. The bottom line to this story is that good and evil or bad, can be anything, even an event can be dubbed as good or evil, a situation you find to be opportune you heartily call it good on the other hand if a situation puts you in such a predicament that you are finding it impossible to get out, can be very well called as evil it’s just what you believe will come to you because you serve as the beacon for that believe and so it will pave its way towards you and waltz into your life subsequently.Whenever we say that we believe in a superior world and superior spirits, we often say that it is that supreme power that is driving us passionately towards success that it is that energy which keeps us in a good shape and fortunate. But the actuality is that it is our believes that exudes that energy rather than that supreme force we’ve held responsible. I call it the phenomena of the BURNING COLD, yes it’s actually another term for fever but I like wordplays and so I say that what burns is belief and what runs cold is this world, its something that transcends even my horizon of comprehension that even if this world thrives on believes, believing in our friends, parents, families, one another, ourselves, our goals and endeavors there still remains something that’s overlooked. This world is so big that everybody have their own beliefs because the world represents itself to everyone in its own ways one which remain inexplicable to others, the circumstances can be the same, our situation can be the same but there will always exists a disparity between our sense of being, our significance and this disparity only determines our believes. The smoldering warmth of believes will one day melt the cold ice that gets accumulated over it whenever there’s a widespread of misdeed or calamity, the coldness gets the better of this world and it diminishes the flames of belief. We must not waver at these times, we must stay determined until we draw our last breath from this world, we should fight even when we are powerless, doesn’t matter what impairment you have, if you don’t have a way, just carve one out of that misery you are suffering, your pain can always be alleviated, it can always be diminished, only If you keep believing in whatever it was that kept you alive all this time. The believes might one day come together in cohesion and vaporize the coldness with its inextinguishable warmth. That is the day we strive for, deep down, even if we haven’t fought for that, even if we aren’t aware of that, there does exists a certain sight, a certain memory that arouses the desire to unravel those uncertain thoughts about this world. Belief is belief; the only way to determine whether it is good or evil is after learning its outcomes.

Belief can embolden you altogether but it can also become the cause that agitates a self-brewed conflict between our mind and our actions. Make sure you nurture it well lest it becomes the devil we’ve feared the most.

  • Author: rishabh (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2022 02:46
  • Comment from author about the poem: I've endeavoured to comment on our shallow perception of good and evil and have reached to a conclusion that propelled me to create a thesis on to which I've enlisted certain concepts of verity and actuality. I hope we come closer to the depth that is supposedly nestled in an abyss of dilemma...even so I hope what I have written dispells all the uncertainties of good and evil.
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  • Ishika Gautam

    The arrangement of your words and the manifested truth between verity and actuality centainly made me believe how realiable this world of beliefs are. How easily we pretense and hope for the good yet, the evil would never die.
    "Belief can embolden you altogether but it can also become the cause that agitates a self-brewed conflict between our mind and our actions. Make sure you nurture it well lest it becomes the devil we’ve feared the most."
    Yet again its proven how everything should have limits of dominance over our minds. A heartful of thank you for sharing such a beautiful write. ✨

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