a thousand wishes

Maybe one day

One day, maybe you'll materialize in front of me
Maybe then I can be sure you exist
that you aren't just an idea in my head
Maybe one day I will be able to
feel you and hold you
like you would do for me, maybe

One day I will hold you close
Gaze into your dreamy eyes
Take your loving hands in mine
And whisper, promise me you won’t let go
But my unconscious self itself would know
That you were too good to be true
Too good to exist in a world so untrue

Maybe, one day you'll think of me
Back then we were so sweet
But time keeps blurring your image
I hold on to your past
Please see me, think of me
Be it for just one day

Maybe one day, you'll see me
Through my rose tinted lens
And you'll see what I always saw in you
But one day that lens will crack
And you'll see me for what I truly am
So I might see clearly again, maybe not


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