They say "kids can be cruel" 

They play you for a fool

The damage's finally done 

They thought that this was fun 


Your paper thin armour, broken 

All of your secrets, spoken 

Your heart was glass, they dropped it

And their stupid friends applauded 


All that was precious, stolen 

Your kingdom's finally fallen

Another wall you put up 

Too weak to try and stand up 


You hide inside your room

These people were your doom 

For now you can be not okay 

It won't always be this way


You can cry your eyes out

Or even make no sound 

Or stay in bed all day 

Deal with it your own way 


For them it's like they're playing 

They don't know what they're saying 

And they don't get to decide

How your "tough" will look like 


So be sad for a while 

You'll smile again in time 

After you find the causes 

And you're done counting losses 


Stand up without a reason 

Break through this awful prison

Do it just for the feeling 

So you can start your healing 


And soon the light will find you 

And you'll leave this pain behind you 

Better days are ahead 

You have a lifetime left




  • tallisman

    For someone who was bullied-a lot- this strikes a real chord. Thanks for sharing, T

    • sadkw33n

      I feel you. Me and my childhood friend (we're still friends to this day) used to have to deal with a lot of dirty comments and cruel actions. I even had to get in a fight with the bullies because they were beating my friend up right before my eyes. So when i beat them up i took my friend home and forced him to tell his mother. We didn't know the bullies had followed us and heard us talking about going to the police. They came over and apologized. Ever since that day the never even looked at our direction. In situations like these we should speak up! Thank you for commenting! I hope you can heal and leave these awful experience behind you. Wish you the best! Thanks again!

    • L. B. Mek

      its unfair and inhumane
      but, truth is
      hopefully, we'll have
      long futures
      shorter memories
      snap surrender's, void
      our innate capacity
      to strengthen ourselves
      like diamonds, under duress
      and re-emerge, later in life
      'when it counts most!'
      brighter, than
      all our forgotten nightmares
      Beautiful message yet again
      thanks for sharing, dear poet)

      • sadkw33n

        Thanks for commenting Mek! I appreciate it. Very wise words.

      • Blueledge

        Bullies are always emotionally immature.
        But they're everywhere.

        • sadkw33n

          Indeed. Perhaps they're victms themselves but that's not a good enough excuse if you ask me. Thanks for commenting. Always appreciated.

        • JudyStella

          As a person who went through bullying myself, I could relate a lot. You feel like hiding yourself from the world feeling as if it’s your fault that they bully you. The pain felt at that moment is immeasurable😔 your poem does justice to the topic! Brought back awful memories but felt better with the uplifting words!
          Better days are ahead
          You have a lifetime left
          Love this verse! Thankyou so much for sharing! You have no idea how this made my day just by knowing that there will be better days!

          • sadkw33n

            I'm sorry you had to experience that. But it's never your fault. Some people don't really need a reason to mess with us. I used to be extremely angry with the "bullies" now i just feel sorry for them. You should too. Because they try to make you small so the can appear "big". They probably have a lot of issues. So no, it wasn't your fault. And if they had issues they should have seen an expert and not lash out on others. It was their fault. And there's not a good enough excuse for bullying others. Also, i believe you're kind and caring, that's what I've gathered through your comments. So, i guess you took that experience and taught yourself a good lesson. "Be better than them". After that, i just can't believe you'd hurt someone on purpose. Thank you for commenting. And don't worry. We're still young. If we get hurt now, we have a lifetime left to heal. Wish you the best!

            • JudyStella

              I agree! People with insecurities try to belittle us just to appear strong but they are actually broken inside and they need help. Aww, you are so sweet! I think you are a very beautiful person too! And yes I try to see it as a lesson in my life but memories can be hard sometimes. But I’ll try my best to stay positive and look ahead than back. Thankyou so much and I wish you good luck too!

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            • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

              Kids indeed can be cruel and bullies are the worst of the lot. Your awesome poem has a superb rhyme scheme wow! Kudos!

              Plz also read and comment on my newest poem

              • sadkw33n

                Thank you for commenting. I'm glad you liked my poem. I'll make sure to check yours as well😊

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