We need a king Arthur!

There is so much trouble on this earth

Wars and crises everywhere you see

Makes you wonder just what it’s worth

This life and times you share with me

Why is humanity focused on demolition

When cooperation is easy and free

What darkness besets the politician

The architects of our bloody destiny?


Why is the human life so worthless

Against the corruption that commands

Why are ethics and morality a surplus

Against the death and hatred that stalk the lands?

Where are the hero’s to come to our rescue

Who can pull the sword from the stone

We all need someone we can turn to

We can’t survive this all on our own


King Arthur, if there’s a time for your coming

Then come soon, for the time it is now

Overwhelmed by the politics to which we’re succumbing

We need a true leader to save us somehow

So call forth the knights of the round table

Bring back an age of truth and honesty

Show us the way to the kingdom of the fable

Show us and lead us and set us all free…


  • Teddy.15

    I'm just a lass looking through a keyhole, but what I do know for sure is my country deserves better than what it has today. What a wonderful poem, I do believe a certain knight in shining armour will come to rescue you all from this utter carnage we are all seeing in the current political party running the country. I'm in Italy but I would never have voted for Johnson in a million years. He is only fit for a role on spitting image. πŸ’–

    • tallisman

      Hi Teddy no arguement there! Obsession reached star of the day today on that story site you sent me to! I am so chuffed, Thankyou! Dave.

      • Teddy.15


      • crypticbard

        Yes we do!

      • Goldfinch60

        Great word tallsman, we certinly need a King Arthur to bring humanity and joy back to the human race.


      • Saxon Crow

        Absolutely agree! But he'd probably get crucified by the main stream media!

      • 🐀s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

        Yeah the world needs a saviour as humans mess it all up with sin and corruption. I get your great hard-hitting poem well and agree. Kudos!!

        Plz also read and comment on my newest poem

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