The Clown

The sorrowful countenance inviting you to care

Hiding the reality of the man hidden there

While your laughing at the antics he’s trying to do

Just maybe, maybe, he’s laughing at you


The clown encompasses both laughter and tears

Plays on primeval emotions and instigates fears

He’s a comedy genius and a horror story star

That can kill you with laughter or a flower patterned car


You can’t trust a clown as he’s just a veneer

Disguising whatever is buried in here

He’s a God to be worshipped and a devil in disguise

All that is mystery behind painted eyes


He’s evil incarnate but he’s dressed as a fool

He’s a king of comedy and a Lord of Misrule

He’s everything good but also everything bad

He plays his part sanely but clearly he’s mad


Wax paints can hide the soul hidden beneath

A hero or villain, a giver or thief

He’s all things to all men, he’s nothing at all

He’s the king of the slapstick, who holds us in thrall


  • tallisman

    I know, weird, right!

  • dusk arising

    Cool. I've never liked clowns though never feared them.
    I like the spookyness of your clown representation here... who is this disguised person, what is their agenda beneath the make-up.

    • tallisman

      Thanks Dusk!

    • JudyStella

      You bring out the duality so well! Hiding the viciousness with paint, dressing like a fool to cover up the evil. As I personally hate clowns, I am biased to the negative representation brought out! Nice structure too!

      • tallisman

        Thanks JS, I just think is Stephen Kings IT!

        • JudyStella

          Pennywise šŸ˜°I am going to have nightmares tonight!

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        • sadkw33n

          What a nice poem. I had fun reading that. You've constructed it very well. You have a way with words. Good job!

          • tallisman

            Thanks Sadkw, glad you liked it!

          • L. B. Mek

            'Heā€™s a comedy genius
            and a horror story star'..
            that this 'Clown' could be anyone
            from that reflection in the mirror
            to those fools, waging a war on us
            while we're yet to notice, their existence
            makes it so much more, wearisome...
            so Yeah, dear Poet
            I for one, am so - so
            so tired of the Bul Sht
            we're forced to traverse
            before we've even taken a sip
            from our morning coffee
            (great write, so relatable
            and somewhat therapeutic
            to know we're not alone
            in feeling this way)
            thanks for sharing

          • tallisman

            Thanks LB!

          • Teddy.15

            I blame Stephen king for my phobia of clowns, a brilliant insightful poem though. šŸ’–

          • tallisman

            Thankyou Teddy, glad you liked it !

          • spilleronsheet

            Wonderfully pennedā€¦taking readers on a roller coasterā€¦an angel and devil togetherā€¦.I could feel the vibe of ā€œThe Jokerā€ā€¦.it was really fun to readā€¦your words were flowing so smoothly

          • tallisman

            Thanks Spill, glad you enjoyed it!

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