….it was the pursuit of freedom that toppled them, that’s why I throw rocks at them, and get down and dirty cause I think its right, to kick them in their windpipes. It wasn’t right what they did, to the black, brown and red, but the truth got them running scared. Even when they humble, it feels tactical, trying to move in close so they can get back at you. They want to re-erect that damn flag, polish their statues, so they can brag, about Braxton Bragg, Stonewall Jackson and General Lee, while they do away with critical race theory, the truth is being made bleary, trying to make us scurry, get the jury without the afros and the jewelry, that’s the only way this will pass, they can kiss my ass, I’ll blast before we go back in the past, the judge better get on his task.




  • Author: EvenwheniLie (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 23rd, 2022 00:44
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • L. B. Mek

    'that’s why I throw rocks at them, and get down and dirty cause I think its right, to kick them in their windpipes.'
    this had me laugh out loud
    cos of just how much fervent vehemence you imbued in your wording
    while, being self aware - enough
    to make fun of your fury..
    (see, brother
    some of my best friends
    have been a different colour to my
    but our heart's have been the same
    of crimson bruised and heartache
    pulsing, to that same stuttering beat..
    see 'Those' spewing, divisive
    bul sht
    want us, to think we're different
    from each other
    try to, break black america apart
    from America
    so minority's vote blue, without first asking
    if blue
    is a good fit..
    make a day in june, some
    'slavery' independence/emancipation day
    'some 'folks' in the south, heard
    they were free, later than most'
    when it took another year or more for the Native Americans
    to free, their black slaves...
    yeah, how about that for fckry
    of distorted history, they ever mention that in books?
    but wait, why glorify juneteenth
    cos they try to make people believe
    July 4th ain't for them...?
    so they get the minority vote
    put an impotent president in office
    just so they can claim
    they had the first black, one
    next election
    they went for the first woman, in charge
    so are the reds, the answer
    cos they ended slavery
    centuries ago
    hell no!
    the same president
    that signed the freedom of black slaves
    the go-ahead to hand 38 Native american Sioux's
    to make a statement
    on Dec 26th
    yeah, one day at church
    cutting turkeys and saying grace
    next day
    ordering mass murder
    as a statement..)
    so what am i saying
    which side am i choosing
    what my point?
    'Think, think
    and quest for truth'
    don't take the quick read
    bullet point versions
    they selling for cheap
    only then
    can you Vote! knwing
    what the game is
    make your Chess moves
    in life
    what the rules are...
    till then
    you, we
    are just domino pieces
    being pushed around..
    'don't allow, their Hate
    to fuel you with, Hate..'
    free yourself
    to Think, knowledgably
    for yourself
    then pass the Torch, keep
    the fight alive
    and Hopefully, we can end
    the cyclical Fckry of society
    before the world, freezes over...

  • evenwheniLie

    I know I came off like the hate is there, but the hate has been expired, I have white, Asian and Hispanic friends who come to my cookouts and we listen to one another, they help me to properly direct my words so I can put them right in the living room of my intended targets.. I know natives owned slaves, I also know Africans owned black slaves as well.. but at the moment it’s our one time slave holders of the European type that’s causing modern day issues for us. I often ask myself, what’s the natural process of a people, becoming another people? Leaving one’s homeland and the culture, their belief in a particular god may change overtime, language may change even etc; overtime…. But being conquered by another, enslavement has to be a possible source of being changed from what your forefathers were as well. I’ve come to accept this as fact with no hate… it’s more of the constant crap we get from these people in modern times that’s nerve racking. Mankind’s overall treatment of one another is senseless.. but in the past what’s happened to Africans, native Americans, India, Hawaii, China, all have one conqueror in common. The conqueror’s children are trying to change the narrative their forefathers left them.. they don’t get to do that, because it’s at our expense. History is the only thing that can explain our present state. Otherwise the worldwide conditions of people of color would be explained away as us simply being inferior small brain two steps up from monkeys. That’s why they continue to say Africans didn’t build the pyramids, they only admit mankind walking out of Africa if they can control the narrative, that narrative being we are evolutionarily beneath them and a much early stage in their development… which makes us appear to be lower in the evolutionary ladder then themselves.. it’s a slight of the hand scientific racism, like the insulting idea of it must have been aliens who built the pyramids if it wasn’t them.

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

      Lb Mek, You\'re so knowledgeable to say what i always suspected. White evolutionists enjoy placing africans on the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder just for hidden superiority motives.
      Besides it\'s a scientific fact via anthropological records that chimps and gorillas appeared on Earth after humans .

    • evenwheniLie

      s.zaynab.kamoonpuri Lb Mek didn’t say that evenwheniLie did. That would be me.


      • L. B. Mek

        and you said it well!
        thank you

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