Pearcemelville 兎敏



What are doing?  Stringing along
Waiting for heaven it's coming with song
Oh what a feeling a tipply tingling
Smiling away
Yanging the Yin

Thinking about this afternoon
Of all the joyous stuff to do
Turn this gerund  make it snug fitting
Quite looking forward to
Yanging the Yin

One from a story 
came visiting today
Exciting enticing
Please look away
Feeling self conscious
As I begin
Romping a riot
Whilst yanging a yin

  • Author: Pearcemelville 卯升 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 30th, 2022 05:12
  • Category: Friendship
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  • L. B. Mek

    we both come from an uninterrupted
    heritage, thousands of years
    in the making
    and thus, I innately relate
    to so much of your writing
    because in it, I see tethers
    to depths
    I sadly, will never amount
    to fathom, for myself...;
    still, in You
    and those genius' like you
    I remain
    leaching, one read at a time
    whatever wisdom, i can glean
    so i can strive, to be worthy
    of this pitiful, poetic gift
    I wield with such, foolish
    to exist, within the gifted guidance
    of Tao, balance
    and Kǒng Fūzǐ' veracity of Ren
    to cultivate, what pitiful meaning
    I can, from my chosen way of life:
    'What are doing? Stringing along
    '..Oh what a feeling a tipply tingling
    Smiling away
    Yanging the Yin'

    • Pearcemelville 兎敏

      Such beauty in your comment amd compliments gives me cause to blush, like this cheeky take on wordplay with Daoist terms.
      My 1st thought, on writing this was, am I being disrespectful to Dao?
      Should I be reverent and not write in such fashion? Then realized and smiled. No, for this is the Dao!

      I sometimes say to people I am daoist then review this thought, to say I am daoist is not to be Daoist?
      Hmm. So sometimes I alternate this claim with, I lean towards Daoism.
      A man from Africa once requested a poem for his Church. I offered him
      this Hymn for his Pastor
      Glory to God in the Highest
      The troubles of the week peel away on Sunday Morn
      Sing in Praise Uplifting Spirit Joy Love Thanks
      The organ shakes my very core
      Like the Holy Spirit Annointing
      With folk we share the Parson's Words
      Delivered from
      The Almighty
      Glory to God in the Highest

      I invariably comment, Not bad for a Daoist I say in a non~Daoist way,

      • L. B. Mek

        (not bad at all, now
        you just need to specify which of the god's
        this was written for..)
        as for daoism, or similarly themed
        pearls of wisdom
        reconstructed to fit, in some notion
        of rigid faith-based, systemised
        business model..
        my humble opinion, is mixed-up
        like the contrasting, duality
        found in most of existence;
        to me
        'what Truth I can
        is that within which, I
        my core beliefs may be based
        in one ideology, but be garnished
        with the nuggets, i choose
        from alternative and even opposing
        since, life
        is so random, i find it futile
        to grab one flag and die upon-it
        trying to make, it
        fit, in-to
        every border of life, i cross
        as I traverse this gifted life
        and no
        that doesn't mean, my 'faith'
        is any less
        or distracted or fragmented
        rather, it means I'm free ~ fluid
        to interpret, to manoeuvre: to flow
        with my believes, in a way
        that means I am open to further growth
        and greater understanding, anywhere
        at any time
        since i accept, 'i know nothing at all'..
        see, i seek Truth
        while doubting its capacity
        for complete, Veracity
        and this I do
        with the utmost, sincerity
        and thus
        I am that broken wannabe
        Taoist, with which
        I choose to philosophically
        identify with..
        (forgive me, I do like to rant-on
        like the fool I am)

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