Batman the unwanted







…..Why don’t Batman just get a job, oh that’s right, he’s rich! Ain’t that a bitch, why don’t he get hitched and stop bringing criminals in; he’s not getting paid, he’s just getting played. He’s 40, thats corny, it’s about time he got his colon and prostate checked, he’s a reck from his bad knees to his neck; and he’s setting a bad example, making people think all they have to be is rich to become a Savior, with that behavior all Bill Gates need is some skates and a cape, a mask to hide his face, and stop going on dates, devote all his time to kicking goons butts to the moon, and then hand them over to law enforcement for endorsements, but nope, Bill Gates is smarter then your average folk, cause it’s easier to stay rich, that’s his niche, but he did get hitched, so he ain’t as rich after the split, now that’s another bitch; but Batman pays for all them gadgets  to put the bad guys behind bars, but he gets many scars, his whole act is subpar, he needs to go sit at a bar, have a few drinks and think…. Too cheap to hire more help, that’s why his mansion is so dusty, he should at least give Alford that utility belt,  I know how he felt, all that work would leave welts. I don’t like the cards he was dealt, Alford ain’t no spring chicken, but they probably twins when it come to them knees and knuckles, maybe not the muscles, but Alford too smart to tussle, he got a whole different hustle, the kind that don’t take muscle. Batman better get hitched and have some kids, I hope he know Robin ain’t his. Who named him Robin anyway, I don’t think the crooks are scared, his name is weird, maybe he should grow a beard and change his name to The Raider, and change his uniform to something more dark, so he can jump out on them in the park, that would be smart, and he could throw darts, his suit shouldn’t be so tight, what if he has to fart, it might leave a stain, then he would have to get it clean. He’s going to need his own butler, or a robot washing machine.






  • Author: EvenwheniLie (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 6th, 2022 04:50
  • Category: Humor
  • Views: 9
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