Slap to the face.


I wish I could explain the feeling I felt

when I realized you never loved me it             

like a slap to the face, almost like knifes 

was pressed up against me,cutting

and twisting parts of me away.


I loved you endlessly, you was my first

love and my first true heartbreak. I


you now more than words can say,you

ripped out a piece of my soul and

excepted me to stay. 

 I do not wish you any type of pain,but

you reap what you sow in this life,and

baby it’s coming your way.


  • Author: Matt Angel (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 14th, 2022 21:51
  • Category: Sad
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  • L. B. Mek

    luckily my first 'true' love
    was a wonderful experience
    although ultimately
    not meant to be, unfortunately;
    so I empathise, for those
    who had that first experience of love
    be tarnished in their memories forever
    for we can never feel love, like we did
    that first time..
    if you can salvage a few decent mementos
    of that relationship
    maybe even replace your ex
    with your favourite actor or celeb
    in the scenes you choose, to keep
    and try
    to forget all those other, venomous
    before they taint
    your future experience of love..
    (again my 2 cents
    again, freely give
    for a reason)
    thanks for sharing, dear poet

    • madalynsamantha

      I honestly don’t regret what him and I had. He helped me in a lot of ways that majority of people will never understand,things that I’m sure he’s not aware of. I truthfully don’t hate him,I am honestly angry and sad. I wanted more and he didn’t and ya know I can’t hold that against him.I always knew that as well, but I genuinely thought he loved me and I think a part of him did,I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for us.But thank you for feedback,it means a lot.🥰

      • L. B. Mek

        there's a song by Tina Dickow
        titled 'he doesn't know'
        and the lyrics match your situation
        a little, maybe?
        either way, thanks for sharing
        and happy fishing
        many more in the sea
        (or at least, I'm reliably informed..)

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