Pain of a breaking dream

Unfortunately , a daughter fell down in a well.

When she woke up, she found herself in the hell.

She tried to come out.

But there is no way out.

Her own people put her into the well.

Show her  a dream that a journey in the rail.

This type of cheat from her own parents , a daughter never expect.

In that hell, she lost her selfrespect.

Everytime ,she tried to comeout, after being tortured.

Before she found a way ,she has been captured.

She requested thousand and thousand times before her family members.

But her family members  her request told her that her real home is now with her partner.

Her own brother and sister said for the sake of their  respect in the society, she should adjust with her life partner.

She now ready to compromise with her life partner wiping her tears.

Finally she understood it's her life struggle.

She tried to hide her tears by putting a goggle.

Her husband is a cheater.

She tolerated everything because she knew the truth is bitter.

After marrying with her 1st crush.

She ignores her childish mischievousness  and became endurance.

Few  days later She became a mom of 1 son and 2 daughters.

She wish, may these three became her chariot's tiers.

She always have a fear that anyone can harm her three tiers.

For them , she is now strong to protect by becoming their protection layer.

Everyday who enjoyed her meal with chicken and mutton.

Now she learned to adjust with rice and corn.

After marrying with this cheater.

Her every single day become more tougher than before.

Still she is smiling to her three tiers

As her own , she fight with her own tears.

This pain is severe , you can't bear.

Still She controls her feelings by hiding her tears.

Always  she is worshiping GOD.

Her husband is beating her with a rod.

Still she is praying for goodness of her own son and daughters

Never asking GOD to wipe out her tears.

Always she taught her children to follow their dream.

Because she better knew the pain of a breaking dream.

Still she believes that GOD will take action for every tear.

Because she knew GOD will never play unfair.

Everyone calls her a coward.

Because of her children , she is so hard.

Everyone giving her many advices, how to tackle with her problem.

She remains silent because she knew that she is the only player in her tough life game.



  • Author: Sonia@My Thoughts MY Feelings (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 15th, 2022 00:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: The loss of a loved one brings the grief of a shattered dream with it. This unkind world can quickly turn your hopes into shattered dreams. Read #Feel as ur own #Like #Share
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