The China doll.


Once was a beautiful China doll with milky white skin and natural curly hair. She was special in ways,but no one seemed to care. They only cared about her beauty and not what she had to share,one guy told her she was beautiful like a China doll and it all went from there. She became a selective mute. When she was fourteen, she suddenly became aware, that men started to notice her and things became worse.
The men started to circle her like vulture’s,  one in particular told her how beautiful she was,and constantly followed her all while staring at the China doll.

At first she thought it was all okay, until he become enraged at her for speaking to boy’s her own age.Weeks go by and again she followed this time by an elderly man in the mall,he stalks her like a lion does it’s prey and end’s up attempting to break into her dressing room, luckily she is fully clothed. 

A year goes by and another man wants to stare at the China doll, so much so he decides to snap a photo of her while she’s pretending to sleep,because she doesn’t want to speak. He must of wanted the photo for a memento. Months go by and the same man get’s on top of her one time in the middle of the night.He doesn’t do anything,but she feels him down there. All the while he stares into her soul,but she doesn’t scream or even inhale air. The clock is on the night stand to remind her of the brokenness that once wasn’t there.

Two years pass by in a blink of an eye,the scared little China doll is followed once again,by another man who is up to no good. He follows her on her evening walk and slowly inches the car he was in towards her,some how her mother see‘s him and he fled and was never seen again.

During this time,the China doll becomes more afraid. Yet people say beauty is such a wonderful thing. Over the past few years the China doll has wished and prayed God would give her wings like an angel,so she can fly away. 

At last I should tell you all the truth,I am indeed the China doll.



  • Author: Matt Angel (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 15th, 2022 03:10
  • Category: Reflection
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  • L. B. Mek

    More Power to you!
    Speak you truth, loud and Proud
    dear Poet
    (they call it 'pretty privilege' I believe
    this days..
    you want to know, the really morbid thing..
    some, less attractive females
    would swap places with you in a blink
    because, for them
    not being seen, is a crueller fate...
    can you imagine, how twisted
    our society is
    that this isn't even an issue, politician's
    make a pledge on
    neither female or male, politicians
    do you know, why
    its been engraved in our mind's
    from childhood
    aesthetic beauty, is money in the bank
    and no one, out of sheer jealousy
    and callous indifference
    dares talk about, the other side
    of that cursed coin...
    the objectivation of people
    based on their attractiveness
    is an issue, entrenched
    in all that's wrong
    with our society as a whole..
    is governed by that spectrum
    and yet
    we're told, to simply accept it
    if I had more time, i could write
    so much more
    but I know how rude I'm being already
    in staining you page, with my impotent rant, please
    forgive me)

    • madalynsamantha

      I actually enjoy your comments on my page. I agree,beauty is most definitely a double sided coin,it’s benefited me at times yet hurt me in way’s I cannot explain.Over the years I’ve had young and old females torment or bully me out of sheer jealousy,I’ve even had two girls that I personally know of have a strange obsession with me,one copied me for years even trying to mimic this signature smirk that I have had since I was a baby.I have had numerous people tell me they thought I was stuck up B**** before they even got to know me, they said it was because the way I looked,and dressed. But, most people just want to talk about the benefits of what beauty gets you,and never the down side of it. I’m glad you brought that side up. Thank you for the comment again,buddy.☺️

    • GON

      the china doll had to break sooner or later. better you to do it than some creep.

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