Annalies and her diary ( ANNE FRANK ) !



Annelies Frank got what she asked for, 
A diary that she'd named kitty,
To keep her thoughts and memories in, 
Perhaps a poem or ditty.

She'd got it on her thirteenth birthday,
June twelfth, nineteen forty two,
Confiding, it to provide her with
Great hope, support and comfort too !

They were hiding in a warehouse,
Her dad once owned before the war,
That space behind a crafted bookcase,
Built and made to hide their secret door.

Along with seven other people,
With her mum, dad and older sister,
They'd been hiding in that safe house'
For over two long years, it hid her.

Annelies opened her diary(Kitty),
And re-read her thoughts once more, 
She wondered if today would be,
Just like so many day's before,

No, today would be quite different,
Through the bookcase police would burst,
She didn't know she's be arrested,
Things would go from bad, to worse.

Not certain if they were informed on,
Or the nazi police just got lucky,
While looking for forged ration cards,
In that case, ain't that ducky ?

Why were they all arrested then,
was it their anti nazi views ?
No, the simple facts of life were, 
All eight of them were Jew's !

Annelies, was just fifteen when captured,
Her elder sister Margot, was eighteen,
They first were sent first to Auschwitz,
Spared, then sent to join, Bergen-Belsen's team.

By late 'forty four, Bergen-Belsen's situation was,
They were starving, freezing cold and damp
With bugs and rat's, faeces everywhere,
And little or no food in the camp!

Little or nothing is known from then onwards,
Annalies and Margot Frank, by February 'forty five
Had both contracted spotted typhus,
And were no longer still alive !

These are the last words in her diary, on 1st August 1944.
(three days before her arrest!)
"As I've told you many times, I'm split in two. 
One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness,
my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, 
my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things."

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  • Published: July 17th, 2022 09:23
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  • Paul Bell

    Always amazes me how some today think this never happened. You wouldn't imagine any positive thoughts back then, yet there were plenty. Little Hitlers time, hopefully Putin's writing his diary ending as we speak.

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