Why, write?

L. B. Mek

Notice of absence from L. B. Mek
'fare ye well' kind friends


While I am in awe (of), I do not yearn 

to play

Milton or Gertrude’s poetic games of excellence

as a legacy of their elitist, supreme intelligence 

for I find those ground-breaking, feats 

one of Nature’s: most divisive, tricks…

Instead, I choose to fish along intuitive streams

for empathetic insights to spark, my inspirations


and, when those hecklers shout-out

‘even my high school kid, can write your shit.’

I smile, and reply: ‘thank you, that's exactly it!’ 

For I choose 

to remove those barriers of prep-school, grounded

entry requirements

to connect meaningfully, with my humble



I write

so that those of my lost - fellowship

may know

of those commonalities that make up

this convoluted – experience, we’ve titled



I write

so that one random set of eyes

at a future point, I can’t ever


may swipe a screen, lazily 

and realise


someone else, thought of those very same

hopes and wishes

that they, themselves

never dared to share out loud


that someone, lived

through those same fears and heartaches

they, themselves

are too bruised, to face and move-on from.


Each and all of us, lightyears – apart

yet collectively

surviving by intrusting in our beloved


inking and reading, traditions

syllables, imbued with potential

to illuminate – bright

our life's, dreamed aspirations!



© L. B. Mek 

June 2020


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  • thinkerbell


  • Poetic Dan

    You know it brother! Only those that have lived know that even the simplest of words have great meaning and loved the energy behind this!
    Keep up the write and I for one am so glad you do, only change if you want too.

    • L. B. Mek

      'only change if you want too.'
      I cherish the day our paths crossed
      dear Poetic kin..
      stay Blessed! stay You!
      may your kindness be repaid, tenfold
      and ease the paths of you
      and your loved ones..

    • Paul Bell

      I suppose in a way, we're just future cavemen, getting it all down, not realising if it will relevant or not, and probably not even caring.

      • L. B. Mek

        not caring, 'enough'
        I think that's the distinction
        cos anyone that reads
        one of your polished stories
        can tell, you invest a lot
        into them
        but also, that you mainly do it
        for yourself
        and another's opinion want effect you
        too much..
        I think that's how most, like us
        thank you! my kind friend
        I was hoping you would like this one

      • Neville

        there shall always be blank pages, just waiting ..
        and those of us compelled, to fill em
        in our own would be, inimitable ways .. Neville

        • L. B. Mek

          Best three lines on this page!!!!
          as-ever, you humble me
          dear Inimitable poet
          and most cherished Hyung
          thank you!

        • MDStone

          Good poetry is nothing more than affirmation. It lets one feel what they are feeling, see things differently, or feel heard, understood. You my, friend do an excellent job of both writing and affirming! Thank You!

          • L. B. Mek

            may the universe bless you
            for introducing words, imbued
            with so much warmth into my life
            and may your kindness be repaid

          • John Prophet

            It’s like the red handprint on the cave wall put down by some ancient artist millennia ago. Saying simply “I was here”
            Superior write!

            • L. B. Mek

              yeah, dear cherished Poet
              only, here at MPS
              I like to think
              'WE, were here!'
              thank you!

            • Fay Slimm.

              What an inspired answer to the question contained in the title of this tribute to those who went before --- poets down through the ages have dreamt of writing the same wise life- threads that we of this later age try to illuminate our pages with too. The word is indeed Potential - - hats off to poets worldwide and thank you L.B. for offering your excellent reasons in this posting today

              • L. B. Mek

                trust you to catch, that essential point
                the bridging of history and future
                in the forgiving and rewarding, kind
                hands, of our beloved Poesy
                and our little dots of sincere, ink
                upon that ocean of Art's, endless
                blank canvas
                adds, in some small way
                to keep the oldest tradition
                of humanity's, chequered history
                alive and questing, to find the answers
                we need most..
                and in some ways, I feel
                that's enough, reason
                for me to offer my feeble, scribbles
                till that day comes, when I can't..
                cherishing every moment of the journey
                like, how I cherish
                these words you gifted me this morning
                dearest Fay,
                thank you! for understanding
                and highlighting such a key point
                of my humble write

              • James Michael

                Bukowski came to mind while reading this. He really didn’t care about technicalities. Pretty much wrote whatever came across his mind. Alcohol induced mostly!

                Great job!

                • L. B. Mek

                  what a cherished comparison
                  am a huge fan of his genius
                  thank you! dear Poet
                  glad you enjoyed the read

                • H. Jordan

                  really great writing!!

                  • L. B. Mek

                    thank you! kind Poet
                    a really encouraging comment!!!!

                  • AlitaOpal

                    I am in love with your mind from which these words are formed.. governed by the heart of course in a very pure and plutonic way.. thank you big brother for even if it was mere banter or mental jest it was enough for me to simply smile.. much, much love to you and your beautiful mind 🌹

                    • L. B. Mek

                      don't you have a truck load of good karma
                      making its way to you...! lol
                      you humble me, with these emphatic words
                      may a day come, that i be worthy of them
                      till then
                      I will thank you! with the utmost sincerity

                      • AlitaOpal

                        Bless you too 🌹🌹🌹

                      • hzugman

                        Well done. My theory is just start writing and the ideas will follow. They're already in there waiting to be freed. Let 'em go. Nice piece,

                        • L. B. Mek

                          I too subscribe to your theory
                          patience is key, to revealing
                          our sources for inspiration
                          in our poetic lanes of life
                          we simply need to ink, till
                          eventually (we hope)
                          our random scribbles, start
                          to make sense
                          decrypting, poesy's whispers
                          and unfurling, that
                          which matters to us
                          at that time and losing
                          to that moment...!
                          (thank you! dear poet)

                        • Bella Shepard

                          This is, without doubt, the best description of poetry I have ever seen. I've come to poetry late in life, with no in-depth knowledge of the great writers who are extolled. But what I have learned is this; that all forms of self expression are beautiful and to be valued, and this one dear poet is a gem.

                          • L. B. Mek

                            all forms of self expression
                            are beautiful, and
                            to be valued'
                            (I read and learn, wise poet
                            thank you!)

                          • Tristan Robert Lange

                            Keep on writing man! Love it! My favorite line, though there are many: "Instead, I choose to fish along intuitive streams for empathetic insights to spark, my inspirations" If only the rest of the world share in this mindset. Brilliant work!

                            • L. B. Mek

                              that's my fav line
                              this is awesome, so rewarding
                              when someone vibes with our words
                              on a deeper level, while being a complete
                              stranger to us
                              but, a poet kin
                              a connection, conveyed through Poesy's
                              here's the wonder and magic, in all
                              that's poetic!)
                              thank you! dear poet
                              I truly appreciate
                              the time and care you invested
                              in reading my humble scribble

                              • Tristan Robert Lange

                                You are most welcome! Thank you for sharing!

                              • domilla

                                Well penned. From beginning to the end I enjoyed every single sentence cleverly written Down

                                • L. B. Mek

                                  means more coming from a poet
                                  of your calibre, and so with humility
                                  and grateful, sincerity
                                  I thank you! dear Poet
                                  may your kindness be repaid tenfold

                                • jazzwa30

                                  that someone, lived

                                  through those same fears and heartaches yes many people go through the same situations in life it takes a courageous person to write about it great job!!

                                  • L. B. Mek

                                    thank you! I'm thinking
                                    at some point
                                    that's what we're all
                                    trying to do

                                  • Dove

                                    Beautifully scripted, and may your words live on dear Mek, I write because like a painter a blank canvas is a thing of beauty, but one filled with colorful words becomes one’s own masterpiece.
                                    Let us all become Goghs of the Writing Universe . Minus the cut off ear, lol

                                    • L. B. Mek

                                      I don't know my ears are elephant, huge
                                      they could probably make me a new one
                                      with half of my remaining one..
                                      thank you! kind poet
                                      so glad you like this one and yes

                                    • Caring dove

                                      An engaging read Mek and some amazing well expressed words ,

                                      I especially like these lines

                                      choose to fish along intuitive streams
                                      for empathetic insights to spark, my inspirations

                                      imbued with potential
                                      to illuminate – bright
                                      our life's, dreamed aspirations

                                      Writing helps me , sometimes feel healing aswell . But if my words can brighten up someone else’s day then that’s nice ! I think it’s nice when we can relate to a poem and the words that person writes

                                      A good writing

                                      • L. B. Mek

                                        you summarised my sentiments perfectly
                                        thank you! such encouraging words
                                        and how very kind, dear Poet

                                      • sorenbarrett

                                        L.B. perfectly said. Poetry is not for its exactitude or perfection but for what it does to others or more importantly to the one who writes it. Any art is in the eye of the beholder. If I like it it's art to me. It's better not to dispute taste Well said

                                        • L. B. Mek

                                          look I appreciate anyone with ambition
                                          I just don't sign-up to that elitist culture
                                          of trying to diminish this person's art
                                          just because it doesn't align with your rules
                                          makes no sense
                                          there should room enough, to appreciate
                                          and respect each other..
                                          thanks for the wonderful summarisation
                                          of my intent behind this humble scribble
                                          dear poet

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