Has life got you sitting in a chair playing solitaire, thinking if only I could 

get there? Yet you're completely unaware and so tired of listening to 

ridiculously hot air? If you feel Life's not fair, instead of despair try prayer

then Hang In There.

Life is nifty, shifty and sometimes fifty-fifty. Made up of trails, tribulations

lots of allegations among the nations. We're like trees trying to withstand

the wind, the stiff break, the humble learn to bend. Need to mend? You

have a True Eternal Friend.

So when you feel neglected, disrespected, to keep your life from becoming

Hella hectic remember, Heaven and you are well connected, only if you don't

reject it. Life's giving you a real scare. try prayer. Hang In There.

Although you will have roadblocks while going through the school of hard

knocks. Try, stepping out of the box, change the norm, find you're a 

wonderful life form just before a marvelous brainstorm.

So, whether you're flambeau or the average Joe, there's no need to be jealous

or overzealous watching others reach their plateau, stay in the know, what you

get back is from the seed you sow. Plant a Rainbow.

And when it seems nobody care, make you throw your hands in the air. Spit, hoot

holler, swear but getting nowhere. Try prayer and it's a must you.

Hang In There.


  • Author: Mil57Man (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 18th, 2022 13:55
  • Category: Unclassified
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