Shantha Teldeniya

A Well Dressed Monkey Never Be A Gentleman.

A Well Dressed Monkey Never Be A Gentleman.


Once upon a time 
But I forgot the time
End of a sunny day
A  monkey came to town.

Wearing a full suit
Like an English man,
Walking on the street 
And glancing at the straight.

Children saw the strange,
But laughing stock with jumps.
Why did they were laughing?
No one knew that sense.

A poor little boy not wearing a short
Shouting in the loudest voice.
"Look at the monkey. it has a tail. 
But poor monkey can't hide it all"

Shantha Teldeniya

  • Author: Shantha Teldeniya (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 19th, 2022 03:29
  • Category: Children
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  • evenwheniLie

    Lol India is filled with monkeys. Interesting.

  • L. B. Mek

    this is deep!
    so well written, thanks for sharing
    ('that tail - end
    of a 'gentlemen's', suit
    sure offers room, to hide
    a lot of his insidious, deeds...'
    and we be
    the wannabe monkey-wrench, presence
    trying to stem, his venomous legacy
    from bleeding into that next
    unsuspecting, generation..
    Empire's and their never ending
    on a nation's, capacity to free
    its mind
    from shadow-less chains
    and showcase, its full potential!)

  • Akash

    Feels like a real situation in the society.
    Well done sir.

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